1. The Beginning

The weather was stormy. Never in the history of the town, they had faced such extreme weather. People were rushing to their homes. Parents could be seen scolding their children, asking them to stop playing and move inside their homes. Bicycles parked outside were brought onto the streets due to the sheer pressure of the wind. The wind brought a lot of sand along with it due to which people covered their faces. 
Was not conducting the annual fair outside the temple a reason behind this?

Were the Gods angry because the ritual was not followed this year?
People cursed the educated guy who came from a big city for the same. He had asked people not to harm animals and present them as offerings to the deities. 

Had the Puja been performed according to the custom, they may not have to face the wrath of the Gods. 
He was standing on the cliff watching over his town. Still in the clothes he had been wearing for the past two days. A red t-shirt and jeans. A skinny boy with an average Indian height, curly black hair. His brown eyes could be hardly noticeable untill one had a closer look.
The view was scenic from this part. Although a beautiful town , happiness was hard for him to find. While every guy of his age was getting some action, he was rejected by girls he looked at even before he could ask them. His academic results were average. But were sufficient enough for his parents to hate him. No sentence that came out of their mouths could be complete if it did not involved certain amount of insult directed towards him.
Frustrated and unhappy with his life he knew that he could not carry on with the way things were going. On a scale of 1 to 10, his happiness index was on the negative side of the number line.
With moist eyes he remembered his only true companion-his dog “Chodu”(Fucker). The boy wished his life was as simple as that of his dog.All the dogs in his vicinity felt the same too. Grass is always greener on the other side.
Suddenly a mild breeze started blowing. It had a soothing effect which relaxed his mind. An idea occurred to him.A crazy but spontaneous one. He hadn’t masturbated in the nature’s arms before. It was the best a fucked up mind could come up with.
The whole town was in front of him.Before leaving this miserable life he just wanted to shake it off for the last time and spray his cum on the cruel town.A town which never gave him any happiness.He started performing the only job he considered himself to be good at.

He had never felt so relaxed and relieved in his entire life.

What was happening here?Suddenly the strong desire of committing suicide was fading away. He wanted to live again and fuck the whole bitches in the town. He thought he could fight the battle with the world. He will try things differently this time.
But “The One” sitting above had some other plans. You don’t get what you want. The weather changed drastically. Storm and lightening took over. Dark clouds covered the sky. 
A huge,powerful lightening struck not only the cliff but also the boy’s ‘tool’. In Hindi language we call it-“Laude lag gaye” which means

“It all got fucked up”.

It didn’t went according to the plan. He could not even kill himself and probably will die in an accident.
The boy was now laying dead on the secluded cliff.