16. Fantastic Dicks and How to Suck them

There was Mayhem in the town of Landpur. Married men were dying or killed every alternate day.

The news spread like fire but was kept to adults only. Landodhar came to knew about these incidents when he was ‘servicing’ Dr. Suhani.

Suhani was not in best of her moods. Her mind was wandering somewhere else. Landodhar was trying his best to satisfy her but she wasn’t enjoying today.

He thought asking her about the reason for such behaviour would be a good idea.

‘You seem to be a little bit off today, what’s bothering you?’

‘There is something odd happening in our town. For the past few days, I have been watching weird dead bodies in my Hospital. All of them are males and it looks like they died due to excessive sexual intercourse. Even after their death, their corpses have smiles on their faces. As if, they enjoyed what they were doing in their final moments.’

‘Did the police booked those patients’ wives?’

‘No, all the ladies denied having sex with their partners. Most of them have been having extra-marital affairs. But they told that their husbands were behaving strangely these days. ‘

‘Strange? What do you mean by that? ‘

‘The wives said that they hadn’t seen their husbands so happy in their married life. Ever. Since the past few days, they used to lock their rooms and talk to someone. A woman may be. Sounds of their husbands laughing and having orgasms could be heard from their rooms.’

‘They could be hallucinating and masturbating at the same time.’

‘That could have been true but the ladies said they also a woman laughing from their husband’s room. But they never saw the woman leaving that room. Many of them stayed awake just to catch that ‘witch’- as they called her.’

‘Strange it is. We will have to investigate the matter. No more people die in Lundpur now.’


15. Lodu gets his girl….?

After beating the crap out of the Chomu gang, Lodu went to attend his classes. As he sat on the last bench, his eyes started looking not for  the prettiest girl in his class but the kindest one.

There she was, sitting in the front row, listening to the teacher’s words attentively. But in between, her eyes too met Landodhar’s. This had been going on for quite a days now. And Landodhar being a shy guy, never had the courage to even speak with her. She had this feeling that some day he would talk to her.

Landodhar decided that he will talk to her today. His teacher asked him some difficult questions, just to make fun of. But to everyone’s surprise, he answered all of them correctly. His girl was impressed today.

The bell rang and everyone started going for lunch. But Chanda, was still sitting in the class. As if she was waiting for Landodhar to make the move. Soon the class was vacated leaving behind these two. Lodu was surprised that Chanda was still in the class.

‘Aren’t you planning to eat today?’….. After mustering all the courage in the world, Landodhar finally talked to her.

Ecstatic she was after listening these precious words from her crush, she kept smiling.

‘Aren’t you gonna say something?’….. Landodhar asked.

‘I always wanted to say the same thing to you but couldn’t as I wanted you to make the first move’.

‘What does that mean?’ 

‘You will understand later, stupid!’….shy was she, ran away smiling.

Landodhar was confused. What did she said just now?…..he murmured.

14. A New Beginning

After finishing his fight with the boars, Lodu came home. He had to go to college next day. So he slept peacefully for the first time in his life.

This was a morning of joy and happiness for him. Never in his entire life had he felt so powerful and confident. He left for college on his bike.

Chomu and his gang were waiting to humiliate Lodu, as they always did.

‘Hey Lodu, thought we will never see you again in this campus. You forgot the beating we gave you last time?’

Everyone started laughing.

“No, I didn’t forget. In fact, I thought I should come back to help others from getting abused.’

‘What did you said? Help others? How are you gonna do that? You will fight us?’

” Depends on you. If you behave yourself properly, I might not have to take that extreme step.”

‘Oooooh, we’re scared right now. In fact, we might shit in our pants. Lodu, it’s time for us to teach you some lessons. You must have forgotten how we punished you last time. Boys, bring him here.’

Following their boss’ orders, Keeda and others tried to attack Lodu. But Lodu was quick on his reflexes.

He ducked the punch from Keeda and kicked him on his knee. He fell down in pain. Others were surprised at Lodu’s abilities.

But still they had to beat him. So they went at him more aggressively.

But Lodu was no match for them. He kicked and punched each one of them. Everyone was lying on the ground, cursing him in pain.

Chomu sensed that he might be in trouble against a powerful and rejuvenated Lodu. So he fled while giving Lodu some warnings.

13. Testing his powers-2

Dr. Suhani was insisting on getting the tests done. He refused and left the place.
He lie down on the bed thinking.
‘I must set outside when it’s dark. Will go into the woods and see what else is it capable of?’
He checked whether his parents were sleeping or not. He planned to go out alone.
But as a loyal one to his master, Chodu followed him.
He went to the same place where the incident took place. He could see the damage his tool had done to the trees around. He was wondering whether he did this or some wild animals.
He wanted to check if he could do it again. Tried hard. But couldn’t get his thing to erect.
How to get an election?
How does we all get one?
Started to think about his fantasy.
And he got one.
He realized that he could make it as large as possible. It broke a tree nearby with its immense strength.
Now Lodu realized the amazing powers he had acquired.
Suddenly Chodu started barking. As Lodu went to see why was he barking, he could see a group of wild boars approaching.
Any other day they would have definitely got killed.
But it was his day. It was Lodu’s day.
He was beaming with self confidence.

12. Testing his Powers

‘It is capable of satisfying a lady. But what else can it do?’

He went to the library to know all about the sudden largeness of a penis. Went through everything-all sections. But could not find any article related to the state in which he was.

He even read the ancient scripts but there was nothing related to it. He could  have gone to his doctor  and shown him the situation  of his penis. But he didn’t wanted to get embarrassed in front of the whole lot of people outside the hospital.

But he needed to see someone immediately.So he went to  one of his mom’s friends- Dr. Suhani Sharma. She was one of those people who used to criticize him a lot.How could he face a lady as weird as this one who never lost an opportunity to ridicule him?He had to. There was nobody else whom he knew though.

Aao Landodhar, aaj Suhani Aunty kaise yaad aa gayi?”(Welcome Landodhar, it’s surprising to see you visiting me!)

Ek problem ho gayi hai Aunty.”(I have gotten into a situation, Aunty.)

 Agar exam me fail ho gaye ho to mai tumhari koi madad nahi kar sakti.Kuch aur ho to batao. “(If you have failed in the exam again then I can’t help you.Is there anything else?)

“Nahi wo baat nahi hai.Mai aapko ek cheez dikhana chahta hu.(No, it’s not about the exams.I want to show you something.)

He showed her penis.

Dr. Sharma couldn’t believe what she just saw.

This was something out of her scope and experience.

11. An Unusual Day- The Open Invitation

tring tring“….

“Who is it?

“It’s Landodhar, Shobha Aunty. Please open the door.”

“Coming, Beta.

She opened the door. Both exchanged smiles.

“It’s very nice to see you finally at my place, Beta”.

“It’s my pleasure to be here”.

“Please come in.”

“You have dressed up very nicely. Looking beautiful in this red saree of yours. Are you going somewhere?”

“(I wish I could lay my hands on her saree right now)”—he thought.

“No, I am not going anywhere. I was getting ready for you only…..”

“What???”….screamed Landodhar in joy.

“No, I mean, do I have to accompany you somewhere, to the market or outside?”

“No, Dear. You have to accompany me in the inside- in the bedroom.”

“I didn’t get it, Aunty…”—said Landodhar innocently.

“I know you understand everything. You are not a child anymore. You are already having an erection. Let’s go inside.”

“But, Aunty I don’t know anything. I haven’t done it before.”

“Don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything. I will teach you everything- How it’s done!”

The action then switched to the bedroom.

“So tell me honestly. Were you fantasizing about me for the past few days…..?”

“Not just for the past few days. I have been fantasizing about you since the time I saw you first. ”

“Is it so? So all these days you were talking to me, you wanted to have sex with me?”

“Yes, Aunty. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

“And you are the most honest person I have ever met. I think we should stop talking now.”

She started kissing him. Both were passionate about each other. Just having the idea that he is going to fuck his fantasy made him horny. His dick started growing. He didn’t had any control over his dick. It went on growing larger and larger. Shobha Aunty who was on top of Landodhar, was now sitting on his enlarged penis, which was now occupying the entire room.

“What is happening here? Am I dreaming?”

“You are not dreaming, Aunty. This is real.”

“But it is not possible for a man to have such a huge dick. How did you manage to do this. Have you taken any special pills? Have you visited any Baba( a saint/ spiritual person)? “

“It’s a long story. I will explain it later. But for the time being, why don’t you enjoy the ride? You have the opportunity of satisfying yourself like you have been never before.”

“But I can’t take such a huge dick inside of me. Can you make it smaller?”

“I will try.”

He started concentrating. Applying whole strength, he started to manage his dick. Like a remote control, he could alter the size of his dick. He reduced the size to 10 inches. Shobha Aunty took his dick in her mouth. Not only his dick was special, it smelled very nice.

“You applied perfume on your dick?”

“No, it is natural.”

“Your organ is so special, Landodhar. It is hypnotizing me. Like I am going to be your slave for my whole life.”

“You are sucking it very well. I think it is time I penetrate you.”

“Yes, Landodhar please do it. I haven’t been fucked for months.Please fuck your   Aunty….”

Landodhar was now on top of her. He stroked her. He sucked her boobs. He fucked her in every position. Shobha Aunty was never fucked for more than 2 minutes in her life. But this activity was now going on for more than 30  minutes. She had reached multiple orgasms during this time.

“I think I am gonna cum, Shobha Aunty”

“Please do it on my face”

Probably Shobha Aunty didn’t knew what was in store for her.

Landodhar ejaculated so much sperm that Shobha Aunty’s whole body was covered with the cum.

“I think I should go for a shower now”

“That will be good.”

She went to the bathroom with all those questions in her mind regarding the amazing powers of his dick.

10. An Unusual Day-The Green ‘THING’

He returned home with the vessel filled with water, which he emptied it in other vessel.His mother was making breakfast for him. She asked him to get ready.

He went to his room.He couldn’t take his mind ‘off’ Shobha Aunty. Imagining her sexy figure was making him horny. So he went to the bathroom.Time to masturbate.

He started rubbing his tool.But as time progressed his dick was becoming bigger and bigger, more than the usual size.He started to panic.How to make it small again?

“Was the dream true then?Whatever happened last night was not a dream?”

“First things first. I have to make my dick normal again else it might not fit even the size of the bathroom.”

He started pouring water onto it.Taking his mind ‘off’ sexual things and thinking about spirituality he hoped for the dick to shrink.

“But why did the color of my dick has become GREEN?”

“Am I THE HULK of the dick world?”

“But why only the dick? Why not the entire body? ”

“Did the gamma particles struck my dick that night?”

[These are the questions whose answers Lodu will have to find during his journey]

First things first. Let’s shrink the dick again.

After a lot of struggle and sessions of meditation, he somehow started controlling his mind and his dick too.

It requires a huge amount of concentration.

Are sara din ab andar hi ghuse rahega kya?

(Are you gonna stay there forever inside the bathroom?)…….yelled his mother.

Nikal raha hu maa, hafta ho gaya nahaye hue. Aaj to nahane do chain se! ”

(It has been a week since I took a shower, at least let me do that properly!)

[Engineering students! They take showers once o twice a week and believe in saving water!]

Chalo ab Shobha Aunty se mila jaye….”

(It’s time to meet Shobha Aunty…..)

9. An Unusual Day-III

Uth ja Kutte….!”

(Wake up, you Dog!)

……Landodhar’s Mother yelled at him.

Uth ja nahi to pit jana hai aaj tune tere baap ka haath. Ja kameene peene ka pani bhar la

(If you don’t, then your Dad is gonna kick you so early in the morning. Go bring drinking water).

Yes, there was the problem of drinking water in his town. People used to hang drums/cans/containers to their bicycles via a hook(which is in the shape of an ‘S’) , go to the near by Army Camp, stand in a queue, sometimes quarrel with others to fill their vessels first.

The Municipality guys never cared or listened to the complaints of people. Here in India we are usually not aware of our rights. We think the the politicians, the police, the bureaucracy are doing a favour on us by being in their respective positions.

He woke up, took the drum/can and went to fetch some water.

He observed that Chodu was nowhere to be seen.


Usually Chodu used to follow his bicycle everyday he when would go to bring water.

“Where must this dog have gone?”

The place was 4 kms away but he reached there in five minutes. He could run fast, work fast on the pedals .

Shobha Aunty was always there waiting for Landodhar. She liked talking to him. He had a huge crush on her. Her bulgy body wrapped in a saree, boobs about to burst out of her blouse, exposed navel. She was a bomb. Landodhar wanted to bang her but damn, she was married and her husband would kill him.

So better concentrate on being polite and do the talking.

“Good morning, Aunty.”….he greeted her.

“Good morning, Beta(Son). You look very nice today. Were you with your girlfriend last night?”….she teased him.

“Are you kidding? How can a loser like me have a girlfriend?”

“Oh you are not a loser. You have much talent hidden inside. You just don’t bring those things outside.”

“It’s just that you are so kind, Aunty. That’s why you are praising me.”

“Your time will come Landodhar. And then don’t forget your Shobha Aunty.”

“I will not.How is your husband?”

“He doesn’t come home often these days. Says he is too busy. Iam getting bored. I have got nothing to do in my spare time. May be you could come home in the noon. I will show you how I make pickles.”

“Oh those tasty pickles of yours.Wow. I will definitely come.”

“OK then. See you.”

“OK bye Aunty.”

She went to her home and Landodhar started filling the container/vessel.

8. An Unusual Day-II

…..He thought he could run faster.So he started running towards the town.

He was running almost at 50kph. A dog, upon seeing this fast running boy, started barking and following him. Just to tease the dog, he peed while running, increased his speed and left the dog behind.

“This must be a ghost.But how could I not identify a ghost? I should stop drinking. It is affecting my senses.No more Military RUM from hence, only local beer or sometimes weed only.But no RUM!”…the dog murmured.

But Landodhar was having the time of his life. Running at 100kph.

Behenchod ye kaise ho gaya? Lund bhi tanatan aur gotiyaan bhi. Tatte tight, & everything’s ALRIGHT!

(How did this happened? DIck and balls both seems to be in a very fine shape. Balls are tight, & everything’s ALRIGHT!)

Don’t tell my heart my achy breaky heart..

Don’t tell my heart my achy breaky heart… 

Dhoom machale Dhoom Machale Dhoooom… 

 Lund Hila Le Lund Hila Le Luuuund!”

these were the few songs he sung while running around the entire town. (Of course) He didn’t knew the entire lyrics of Achy Breaky Heart.

The other one is a Bollywood song from the movie ‘Dhoom’.

After jogging around the town and experiencing this new found energy he went towards his home.

Dad and Mom were sleeping but Chodu was nowhere.

He quietly went inside and slept in his room.

7. What happened the same night – III

The dogs were calling others to vacate the cliff as soon as possible.

Soon the cliff was vacant. Chodu thought of checking the length of the snake and went after it. But as he started doing so ,the head of the snake suddenly appeared before him.

It was a weird kind of snake.It’s head was like no other snakes’. It was pink in color, like a dick.It started wreaking havoc like a mad bull. May be it was out of control. To protect himself from getting killed, Chodu fought with the big snake. He was no match to the agile and strong competitor. But somehow Chodu grabbed on to the snake’s neck and started climbing towards the top(to the head).Not only the snake resembled a penis but it also smelt like one.

“Ye Gandh to bilkul wasi hai jab Landodhar hila ke bathroom se ya jhaadi se bahar aata tha .Par aisa kaise ho sakta hai? Landodhar ka lund kat k bada saanp kaise ban gaya?”

“The smell is same as that of Landodhar’s semen.I have smelled it many-a-times when he used to come out of the bathroom and sometimes out of the bushes behind the house.”

[Each human(male) has a unique smell associated with his semen.But only dogs know this as only they can smell it that precisely.]

“Kahin ye NARK ka koi prani to nahi?

(“Is it possible that this creature came out from the dark world(the Hell)?” )

May be or may be not.

He bit the snake in the process and urinated on its head. This made the snake furious . It threw down the dog . Now Chodu couldn’t run away from the snake as he was surrounded by two huge rocks.

It started shaking vigorously. Chodu was trembling. After a couple of minutes the snake ejaculated loads of semen on Chodu’s face.

The Dog who ‘came out’ on lots of bitches’ face was getting a taste of his own medicine.

After ejaculating on Chodu, the snake started shrinking. And within a few minutes it disappeared in the woods.

Chodu was in a shock.He couldn’t believe what happened there. Cursing both -the snake and his master for the sitauation he went towards the river to clean himself.