After beating the crap out of the Chomu gang, Lodu went to attend his classes. As he sat on the last bench, his eyes started looking not for  the prettiest girl in his class but the kindest one.

There she was, sitting in the front row, listening to the teacher’s words attentively. But in between, her eyes too met Landodhar’s. This had been going on for quite a days now. And Landodhar being a shy guy, never had the courage to even speak with her. She had this feeling that some day he would talk to her.

Landodhar decided that he will talk to her today. His teacher asked him some difficult questions, just to make fun of. But to everyone’s surprise, he answered all of them correctly. His girl was impressed today.

The bell rang and everyone started going for lunch. But Chanda, was still sitting in the class. As if she was waiting for Landodhar to make the move. Soon the class was vacated leaving behind these two. Lodu was surprised that Chanda was still in the class.

‘Aren’t you planning to eat today?’….. After mustering all the courage in the world, Landodhar finally talked to her.

Ecstatic she was after listening these precious words from her crush, she kept smiling.

‘Aren’t you gonna say something?’….. Landodhar asked.

‘I always wanted to say the same thing to you but couldn’t as I wanted you to make the first move’.

‘What does that mean?’ 

‘You will understand later, stupid!’….shy was she, ran away smiling.

Landodhar was confused. What did she said just now?…..he murmured.


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