They called her a witch. But nobody understood what it was to die without a proper ‘satisfaction’. Her husband was an old ailing guy who hardly had an erection in his entire life. He married Landurika when she was just 14.

The old guy was a pathetic person. His children were fed up of him. So they left their home and the village too. The old guy needed someone to take care of him. Thus, he married a beautiful 14 year old girl. For few years, the girl never felt the urge to have physical contacts. But as she crossed the golden age of 16, the feelings of being with someone, feelings of being loved by someone started to occupy her mind.

She started to notice handsome boys in her village. But talking to guys other than your husband was considered as a bad character for women. So she had to suppress her feelings.

Bathing in the river once in a week was common among the women in this village. Most women used to go to the river daily to wash clothes and bathe as well. Landurika, new in this village, had made some friends. She started to hangout with these women.

Once, as they were bathing and playing in the river, some boys came to play pranks on them. One of the boys was Charan.

Only a single glimpse was enough for him to fall in love with  Landurika. He had not seen such a pretty girl in his life.

She too noticed a well built handsome guy staring at her. Though he wasn’t fair in complexion, but was definitely the strongest man in the entire village. Girls liked him but due to his erratic and rude behaviour, kept a certain distance from him. He was considered as one of the most useless person in the village.

Still, there was something about him that attracted her. Both kept looking at each other and then she smiled at him. He too nodded in return.


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