Charan started following her. How couldn’t he? It seemed to him that he was possessed by the mysterious beauty. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. One day, Landurika was late in finishing things at the bank of the river. Everyone had left by then and early morning darkness had made way to the beautiful golden rays of Sun.

He thought it be the best chance he would ever get to talk to this beautiful lady.

Can I help you?

I think I can handle it. 

I insist. It must be too heavy for you to lift that much weight.

Well, if you are insisting, then I can’t refuse.

I have not seen such a beautiful lady in our village before. Are you new here?

 I am new in this village. Recently got married to ‘Bhajan Seth’.

Seriously? Are you fucking kidding with me? How does that Crook managed to get a women like you?

I am from a poor family. My father is a drunkard. This guy gave my father a whole lot of money. And bought me like an item in a grocery store.

That fucking bastard. He is rich. Thinks he can own every thing. He has troubled everyone here. Even my family too. I have always wanted to kill that m****rfu***r.

Calm down. Rather than my husband, it seems like you are trying to be the bad guy here. Be gentle. Every dog has its day.

You are right. I am sorry for the harsh words.

Don’t feel sorry about that idiot. Sometimes, even I want to kill that bastard. But it is not the right  thing to do.

Are you happy in this relationship?

Do I look happy to you? I am living the worst nightmare one could ever experience. Although, I am his wife, he doesn’t treat me like one. All the good stories I had heard about husbands loving their women, treating their wives like Princesses, were not true it seems now.


Her face was saddened. She did not liked to recall the moments spent with her husband. But she learnt that discussing this with someone helped her to lower the burden that had crept up in her heart.

You can trust me. I can be your friend. I can help you have some wonderful moments.

They were walking towards the village. But the path was not the usual one. They had taken a route which traversed through the woods, which straightaway went to the backyard of her bungalow. This was Charan’s decision. But she didn’t hesitate either.

Is it morally wrong for me to like you?

She didn’t knew what to say at this moment.


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