She kept him unanswered. Still, they met every morning. Landurika used to stay late at the river bank, washing clothes. Her friends used to ask her why she stayed late. She replied that her husband had warned her not to leave any stains on his clothes, else she will have to face the consequences.

But, the real reason, the secret, was kept only between the two- she and Charan. She too had started to like him but due to the pressure off society, was sceptical.

They met, started liking each other’s company. One fine morning, as they were walking towards her home, Charan asked her to go deep into the woods. He wanted to she her something. At first, she was afraid to go with him as she didn’t knew  what excuse to give to her husband. But the excitement of seeing what Charan had mentioned made her agree with him.

He took her to an old cave below the mountains. No one in the entire village had ever been to this place. Surely, it looked like a haunted place. But Charan, a bold and courageous character, had always found peace here.

As a young kid, he was hated by all the other kids. So he ran away from the village and found solace here. It was a peaceful place. Away from the human population.

Whenever he felt the need to spend some quality alone time, he visited the caves. This was the first time that he brought someone here. Although it was a cave, he had made certain arrangements for a person to rest and take a nap here.

May be it was time more than a single person were going to rest in the cave- together!


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