The shivering cold body of hers needed the warmth of a man. Charan could not keep her waiting as he himself was eager to explore the body of a newly wed.

There lit a lamp in the dark corner of the cave. Its light fell on two soon-to-be-warm bodies. She knew this was the moment where the things that never happened will take place. This is the place where finally she will receive the love of someone.

He looked into her eyes. The shy eyes of a teenage girl. Without uttering any words, he asked for her permission through his eyes. She nodded in return. He went ahead and kissed her neck first. Next in line were her lips- beautiful pink lips further softened by early fog near the river bank.

They kissed passionately as if just returned from a desert and were quenching their thirst. He explored every inch of her body by his lips. When he reached down, she felt ecstatic. As if someone had cooled down her burning desires. Someone had poured water on the fire burning inside her.

Echoes of moaning could be heard inside the cave. They were destined to meet. Destined to mate.

Now was the moment to fullfill her desires. He took out his tool and tried to push inside her. It was difficult for him to do so as she had a tight, unchartered and small opening.

But he communicated to her in a low voice that it will hurt a bit. She had heard that there was no gain without pain. This was the first time she was about to experience.

Somehow, he entered. Loud sounds of cries and moans filled the cave. He kept thrusting her. After an initial period of immense pain, she too started enjoying the act.

Now she understood the real importance of man in a woman’s life. A concept that had been kept hidden from her.

They laughed and cuddled after the act was finished. He asked her to visit this place every once in a while. She could not resist. She had found her man.



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