21. Happiness doesn’t last long

The images of making hot and passionate love with Charan were still fresh in her mind. She couldn’t control her desires. Once you taste blood, it becomes difficult to resist tasting it again.

The fact that he made love to the most beautiful girl made him joyous. But desires are never fulfilled completely. He was in love.

Both of them were in love. Both wanted to get hold of each other’s bodies. Charan asked her to visit the cave again. Hesistant she was, but the desires overtook all other feelings.

This became a habit for both of them. And you are not far from being caught if you repeat certain activities.

A servant had been keeping an eye on her. He himself was mesmerized by her beauty. He had imagined her in all the lustful ways possible. But banging your master’s wife? That was impossible.

He noticed that she is not spending most of her time at home. He became suspicious. Hence, he planned to follow her.

After washing clothes, she started walking towards the woods. The servant was surprised why was she heading towards the scary forest. He himself did not had the courage to go into the jungle.

But he needed to find out the truth. So he waited for her to return.

It was almost 4 hours now since she went into the woods. The servant was getting restless. Should he go into the woods to look for her?

But she came. There was someone else with her. Who is this guy? The servant’s eyesight was week. He couldn’t make sure who was the person with her. As he tried to go closer, the person vanished.

Both – Landurika and Charan had gone different ways so as no one could see them together.

She came home. So did the servant.